Commercial construction does not have to be a complicated process. There are options and methods available to you that will satisfy your construction needs while keeping your stress level low and helping you increase your profit potential.

These benefits come in the form of turn-key construction. With turn-key properties, a single contractor handles the entire span of the project from design to commissioning, which can afford you several benefits. Here are some benefits you can expect from turn-key construction.


When a business expands, there are pluses and minuses. On the one hand, expansion is a sign that a company is growing and increasing their level of success. On the other side, with expansion, comes construction projects.

With so many other tasks involved in the daily operation of your business, adding a construction project to the list only makes matters worse. When you factor in all the different contractors you have to work with, such as designers and material manufacturers, the whole process can quickly get out of hand.

When businesses rely on turn-key construction, they are able to eliminate this extra workload. Turn-key construction gives busy business owners the benefit of working with a single contractor, which can save you countless hours of phone calls and stress.


For small and large companies alike, cost control with new construction is vital to the success of current operations, as well as for any future opportunities for success. The reason for this all comes down to profit — the lower the construction costs are, the greater the potential to earn.

Turn-key properties provide businesses with an opportunity to control their costs and increase profits. One area where mayhem can settle in is the invoice process. When you are dealing with several contractors, the process of managing all their separate invoices makes it challenging to accurately keep track of costs, which could lead to an over-budget project.

The single-contractor management of turn-key properties means you only receive a single invoice. A streamlined invoice process makes way for greater costs control and an easier payment process.


Commercial construction projects are well-designed and thoroughly planned; however, the inevitable always occurs. Uncontrollable hiccups like material shortages arise. And sometimes your needs change, which may cause you to initiate design changes.

When you are dealing with several contractors, even a small change request can activate a domino effect of havoc because you have to contact the designer, material supplier, and all other contractors to update the necessary changes.

Turn-key construction affords you the ability to make easy changes to your construction project by dealing with a single contractor. Any fallout from the changes will be handled by the turn-key contractor to keep the process as stress-free for you as possible.


As a business owner, you are aware that you can sometimes have too many employees scheduled to work at one time. When this type of scheduling conflict occurs, some employees lag in their efforts because they assume there are enough employees on hand that someone else will surely pick up the slack.

This same type of situation can occur when you're partnering with several different contractors. In some instances, you might have one contractor who moves slower than the others, or you will have contractors that provide subpar services. However, with turn-key construction, there is one contractors' name on the line. For you, this means greater control, which translates into improved quality.

If you are ready to experience the benefits that a turn-key property can afford your business’s expansion efforts, then Dickson Builders, Inc. can assist you in accomplishing this goal.